Sun Conure


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Sun Conure

Sun Conures are a breed apart from most of the other conures you find. Their distinctive appearance, with the golden yellow plumage and yellow down under their cheeks, is just the beginning. There are a number of things that set them apart starting with their price – that can easily be two to three times that of a green cheeked conure.

Additionally, sun conures can be an excellent and affectionate pet, but they do need freedom of movement and attention. Ideally, they should let out of their cage several hours a day so they can interact with you. They will inevitably chatter – they are among the loudest of the small parakeet species.

If you are able to give them the attention they deserve, your Sun Conure will easily be with you for up to 30 years. They will learn to speak some words and phrases, even.

Sun Conures tend to be monogamous and they demonstrate the same amount of devotion to their owners.

The Bird Boyz can Get You the Right Sun Conure

If you are looking for a Sun Conure, you are serious about owning the gorgeous parakeet and ready to shell out a few bucks. Come visit us – the Bird Boyz are in business to get you the best deals on the market and also ensure that you get a premium bird that is well adjusted, happy and ready to be with you.

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