Teo Natural Seed Blend High Protein – Medium Parrots – 1lb


Teo Natural Seed Blend High Protein

With the Teo Natural Seed Blend High Protein Medium Mix, you can be assured that your feathered friend is getting the very best.

Why Choose Teo?

With nutrient-rich pellets and natural seeds and nuts, birds get a great, tasty meal that is a cut above traditional store-bought seed blends which don’t provide as much nutrition or enrichment.

Often, commercial seed blends aren’t made with fresh ingredients. As a result, the quality suffers, meaning your bird can’t get the most out of its food.

By using a wide variety of fresh, human-food-grade seeds and other ingredients in an expertly crafted recipe, this natural seed blend from Teo is high in protein, making it perfect for growth, development, and healthy feathers!

Which Birds Need this Blend?

This Teo Natural Seed Blend High Protein product is suitable for most small domesticated birds, including Conures, Parakeet, Lovebirds, Cockatiels and other medium or small parrots.

It is also ideal for birds who have just gone through a molt, to help them to get the protein they need to make the keratin required for new feather growth.

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