African Grey Parrot


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African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrots, also known as Congo Grey due to their natural habitats – which stretch across Equatorial Africa including Ghana on the West Coast and Kenya on the East Coast but are concentrated in the equatorial rain forest areas in the Congo River basin.

While secretive in nature in the wild, African Grey Parrots are highly social birds that make excellent companions due to their interest in the world around them. Known for their intelligence and phenomenal powers of mimicry, African Greys have been known to survive more than 20 years and live harmoniously with their human companions.

In captivity and with selective breeding, African Greys can appear reddish. But its impossible to mistake these personalities in your house. They are not only thought to possess the intelligence of a human child (making them among the highest IQ holding non humans around), their natural curiosity and flair for mimicry make them very entertaining pets. Finally, they have demonstrated cognitive abilities as advanced as recognized number patterns.

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In business for over a decade, The Bird Boyz have made it their mission in life to unite humans and birds in a mutually respectful, healthy and beneficiary environment. Get your African Grey from them, you know that the breeding, care and general well being of your pet will be exemplary.

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