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The Bird Boyz’s Terms and conditions:

All of our birds are healthy and very lively. However, we have a delivery guarantee only. Our health warranty ends when your bird is safely delivered.

  • All birds are sold “as is”. Sales from The Bird Boyz are final. These include bird purchases that have been backordered. At the time of possession of the bird(s), the warranty (delivery guarantee) ends. Before agreeing to the purchase/possession of the animal, please carefully inspect your bird(s) before taking them into your care.

While we are very proud of and stand behind our healthy-breeding and affordable prices, once the bird has left our care, there are too many outlying factors that necessitate the “as is” sale. These include, but are not limited to, cigarette smoke, lack of appropriate diet, and exposure to toxins. Please be aware that common household items can also be very harmful to birds. A totally healthy bird at the time of purchase can get ill or die within just a few hours due to innumerous uncontrollable factors.

We do not pay for or reimburse any medical charges. These include veterinarian and office visits. There are no cash or credit card refunds for any reason.

Before purchasing/taking possession of the bird(s), please do your research and ensure appropriate education has taken place for all members of your household to ensure the best outcomes for you and the bird(s).

  • Birds have very fragile immune systems, and often the diseases that make humans sick, can also make birds very ill. These can include influenza, the common cold, or stress. There are many resources online or in-stores to help acclimate you with the needs of your new pet. Please be sure to utilize these on a regular basis.

In regard to temperaments/personalities of the birds, no warranty nor guarantee can be made as each bird is different. These animals are not domesticated and must be handled with consideration for their personalities.

  • At the time of shipment, our birds are tame and have loving demeanors. However, they will quickly lose their tameness due to a lack of handling and appropriate attention. If one of the birds should bite or show aggression, please know that this is due to fear or discomfort. Once the bird(s) settles into its new environment, and the correct care is given, this should no longer be an issue. This disclaimer includes all of our birds.

Male or female (sex of bird):

  • We cannot guarantee the sex of the birds. However, depending on the bird you are getting, the sex can be determined by looking at the bird. Males and females are visually distinct. Of note, DNA results are 95% accurate; however, we do not do the DNA testing ourselves.

When you order a bird from our website, the photographs are examples. We reserve the right to send a like, but not exact, bird. Please rest assured that we will always choose and send the very best available.

By purchasing a bird(s) with us, you (the buyer) agree to the terms of this guarantee/warranty.

You understand and agree that The Bird Boyz or its owners at no time can be held responsible for your bird(s) after delivery and will not provide refunds. These include the amount of purchase for the bird, shipping costs, and/or medical and legal costs. You also agree that if a Pennsylvania Court or mediation service were to rule any monies due to the buyer, we will pay the amount of $0 since you agree and understand our buying terms.