Black Capped Conure


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Black Capped Conure

One of the quieter species among parakeets, Black Capped Conures are nonetheless patient learners who can pick up a selected group of words and phrases over time.

You will have plenty of time with your pet, sinc Black Capped Parakeets can easily live 30 years in captivity. This native of the south-west Amazon basin and the Andes mountain is distinctively colored, with a mostly green body but a scaled neck area and brownish-black head.

Though quiet and somewhat shy at first, Black Capped Conures are warm, adaptable creatures with an even disposition that make great pets. Their adaptability is evident in the fact that they are comfortable enough to produce offspring as pets. In fact, they can even produce hybrids through cross breeding with a fellow bird – the Green Cheeked Parakeet. These smallish (less than a foot) parakeet will fill your home with joy.

The Bird Boyz have Your Pet Ready

The Black Capped Conure is easy to breed and are found in pet stores, but to get a well bred and happily adjusted bird, look no further than calling The Bird Boyz. We have been breeding and supplying great bird pets to everyone for over a decade – you can never go wrong with our service.

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