Blue and Gold Macaws


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Blue and Gold Macaws

The Blue and Gold Macaws from Central America are an absolute joy for pet owners. They are large birds, often stretching close to three feet, and can be a bit noisy. But, on the other hand, they love being around humans – they have sometimes been described as the dogs among birds. They love to interact with their owners and other humans.

They can live for a very long time, 30 years on the average, sometimes close to double that.

The brilliant plumage is distinctive, with the gold chest, underside and belly accentuating the green forehead and blue nape, back, tail and wings, along with the black beak.

Blue and Gold Macaws are playful, evenly poised and eager to please – they want to learn vocalizations and can burst into speech.

They do need some space, possibly a large cage or even a room, but the right bird can absolutely charm anyone that they live with.

Buy Your Blue and Gold Macaws from The Bird Boyz

The Bird Boyz can find you the exact right blue and gold macaw. These birds thrive when they are bred and handled properly from a very young age – and that’s what the Bird Boyz has been specializing on since their inception.

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