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The Cockatiel, a parrot that is also known as the Australian cockatoo or quarrion, is known to be a great household companion for two reasons – they are easy to breed and extremely popular among pet owners, second only to the budgerigar.

Cockatiels can live in captivity for close to, or more than, 20 years.

Known as the #1 pet bird in the US, the cockatiel has a bold, inquisitive and cuddly personality. One of the distinctive characteristics is the whistle serenade, directed at the object of their affection or even at their own reflection in a mirror!

At down times, the cockatiel just loves to cuddle against the shoulder of it’s human companion. They are low key while they whistle, not screechy like other parrots – experts believe that is due to their naturally arid habitat with low noises in the habitat.

Whatever the reason, cockatiels are ideal household pets, even in urban environments.

Buy Your Cockatiel from The Bird Boyz

If you are looking for a cockatiel, come to the Bird Boyz. We know how to best breed and preserve bird species. It is, after all, our passion in life since we came into business a decade ago. We will make sure that you get a cockatiel that stays as a companion bird for decades to come.

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