Green Winged Macaws


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Green Winged Macaws

Geen Winged Macaws (also called Red and Green Macaws) have a natural habitat spanning a significant part of Central America, plus a substantial swathe of the central and eastern part of South America including Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

One of the largest breeds of macaws, with a large beak that may look intimidating, the Green Winged Macaw is in fact a gentle companion to humans if handled properly.

With a lifespan of 30+ years, having a Green Winged Macaw as a pet can be a fulfilling experience. They get along very well with other species of macaws, and with anyone on the human end of the spectrum.

The red backs and distinctive green wings with the turquoise patch below, plus the large beaks, set these birds apart from some of the other species, along with their size of course.

Green Wings do need their room, either large cages or even ideally a room. They do not squawk incessantly but will want to vocalize and “participate”, in a companionable way.

Buy Your Green Winged Macaws from The Bird Boyz

One of the main things with these birds is to buy ones that are well bred and well cared for, to make sure they like humans and are free of disease. Check out the Bird Boyz, who have a mission to find birds that are the best companions for humans and vice versa.

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