Teo Natural Seed Blend Medium or Small Parrots – 1lb


Teo Natural Seed Blend Regular Mix – 1lb

Teo Natural Seed Blend is filled with a variety of colorful seeds and nuts that your bird will love as part of their daily diet and routine.

Expertly mixed and put together, this formula offers your bird quality, human-food-grade ingredients to ensure they stay happy and healthy every single day.

Teo Seed Blends

Teo seed blends offer your bird the nutrition it needs in a food that it will enjoy. Unlike other commercial birdseed, Teo Natural Seed Blend is created with fresh, quality, ingredients meaning that their nutritional benefit has not been lost over time.

The range of different ingredients also offers your bird diversity and enrichment in its diet, rather than always eating a combination of the same common ingredients found in mass-market seed mixes.

Which Birds are Suited to Teo Natural Seed Blend?

Teo Natural Seed Blend is perfect for small birds such as Cockatiels, Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, and other birds in this size range.

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