Teo Natural Soft Bill Blend – 1lb


Teo Natural Soft Bill Blend

If your bird requires a softer diet, then Teo Natural Soft Bill Blend will provide them with the right foods and nutrition to ensure that they are in great shape.

Containing a mixture of softer, natural pellets in different shapes and sizes for enrichment, as well as assorted grubs and insects such as mealworms for your bird to enjoy, this seed mix from Teo uses only the best, natural, and fresh ingredients.

Teo Seed Blends

Teo bird blends are created by bird lovers, for bird lovers. Unlike other store-bought foods, Teo tailors each of its mixes to make sure each type of bird gets exactly what they need, using high-quality ingredients that are human-food-grade!

Teo wants your birds to have something better than the conventional softbill blends out there, and create not only happy birds but happy owners too!

Birds Catered for by Teo Natural Soft Bill Blend

Any bird requiring a softer diet or a high intake of insects as part of their nutritional needs is a perfect fit for this food. Examples include Tucan, Mynas, Myna Hill,  Canaries, Finches and Waxbills, Peking robins, and more.

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